FIBA 3x3 E-learning

This interactive course will take you through 3x3 basketball, 3x3 tournaments and FIBA's support of the game. The programme brings together the various components of 3x3 and is specifically targeted to assist National Federations and endorsed organisers in managing and running 3x3.

To undertake the programme you will need to register with the FIBA Academy through the World Academy of Sport online learning platform and have a confirmed account. If you have already completed the FIBA Academy Manager's Programme you can use the same registration details. Access to the programme is provided through FIBA who will distribute voucher codes for the programme. Once registered you can use your account to input your unique voucher code and begin the programme.

Be aware that the certification is valid for two cut-off dates (set on 1 November). After expiration, you will have to take the programme again as a refresher to stay certified.

Is this course right for me?

3x3 basketball is the world's #1 urban team sport. The programme is available to any National Federation or any user with a confirmed account. More specifically it is targeted to National Federations and endorsed organisers in particular.

The programme covers the essential areas of managing 3x3:

  • Basics of 3x3 and the Rules
  • Digital and Endorsement
  • Competitions and Eligibility
  • National Federation Role

Upon completion of the exam you'll be able to download your certificate of completion.

This programme currently contains ten modules, which are listed on the left. The modules contain a combination of reading and video content. Following the ten modules, you must complete the assessment of multiple choice questions.

Any National Federation that has a staff member successfully complete the programme FIBA 3x3 will become eligible for FIBA 3x3 national competitions such as World and Zone Cups for the next 2 cut-off dates; an important incentive to help develop this great game of 3x3!

Your progress through the programme is automatically saved, so you can leave at any time and return later to continue where you left off.

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