FIBA Academy Manager's Programme

This programme allows you to become accredited as a FIBA Manager and is an important part of your development as a basketball administrator and manager.

To undertake the programme, you’ll need to register with the FIBA Academy through the World Academy of Sport online learning platform. The cost of the programme is €200. Once registered, you can use your account to make payment and access the programme.

Is this course right for me?

The FIBA Academy Manager's Programme has been developed especially for members of the international basketball community.

The programme is structured into a ten module learning framework which takes you through the fundamental principles of running your basketball organisation.

The last module is a case study relating the experience of a specific National Federation, and reinforces many of the aspects taught in the other nine modules. As you work through each module, there are questions to check your learning as you go. Ensure you use these as an effective learning tool to help you understand all points raised in the module.

Following the ten modules, you must complete the assessment which includes a combination of multiple choice and open questions.

The multiple choice questions relate to the first nine modules, while the open questions relate to module ten and the case study. When you have completed the assessment, you need to submit it to be marked. You'll then be informed of your grade by email within six weeks.

The multiple choice questions represent 70% and the open questions represent 30% of your final mark.